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All Kinds of Patch cord(FC、SC、ST、LC)

Fiber optic patch cord are with various kinds of cables,PVC, Riser, Plenum, OFNR,OFNP,LSZH (LSOH),10 Gig Aqua, there are simplex fiber optic patch cord and duplex fiber optic patch cord and multi fiber cable assemblies,and there are ribbon fan out fiber cable assemblies and bundle fiber optic cable assemblies.Typical fiber optic patch cord cable diameter can be0.9mm,2mm,or 3mm.


   Fiber Optic Patch Cord SC FC ST LC 

-Full specifications, FC, SC, ST, LC, MTRJ, E2000, DIN, D4, SMA, etc. 
-Simplex and Duplex assemblies available 
-Singlemode and multimode available 
-PC, UPC and APC polishing available 
-Hybrid patch cords are available upon request 
-Fan-out available (Ribbon type / bundle type) 
-Pigtail available 
-Loopback available 
-Customized lengths upon request 
-100% tested before shipping 

-Telecommunication networks 
-Data transmission networks 
-Computer networks (Gigabit Ethernet, SoNet, etc. ) 
-Cabling system 
-Interconnection of fiber optic transmission equipments 
-ODF of optical transmission systems 
-FTTX applications 

Insertion Loss: <=0.2dB 
Return Loss (R. L) UPC>=50dB, APC>=60dB 
Working Temp. Range(degree. C): -40~80 C 
Insertion Loss: PC<=0.3dB 
Working Temp. Range(degree. C): -40~80 C

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